OldJack announce 2016 year long residency at Lizard Lounge

lemurBoston’s Old Soul Rock n’ Roll outfit OldJack are proud to announce their residency on the last Saturday of each month at Cambridge’s Lizard Lounge. OldJack’s Last Saturdays will feature a rotating cast of the finest musicians New England has to offer.

“When we created the new lineup (of OldJack) we had a pretty agressive gig schedule so we were constantly preparing for shows when we got together” says OldJack frontman Dan Nicklin.

“The lizard series will allow us to take some more chances with what we play – We actually are calling it the Wedding series internally, because we will be playing, something old/new/borrowed/blue at each show.” Nicklin goes on to say “It allows the opportunity to play with 24 or more bands this year rather than just a few, building an even bigger sense of community and so much more. We get to return to our roots… oh, and play a new years show!! Billy Beard is officially our hero.”

The series kicks off January 30th with the eclectic, alt-rock sounds of Doom Lover and Ringtail, the new project comprised of members from some of our favorite local acts.


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